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Boiler Installation

Your boiler is a very key element responsible for providing heat in the rooms and also hot water for use at home. Therefore you should always be keen on which boiler is best for your home and whom to trust for boiler installations, maintenance and repairs in case of a breakdown. The type of boiler you purchase and the quality of the installation process also affects how efficient your boiler will be which in turn determines the annual bill you spend on energy. According to statistics done by our experienced boiler installation specialists, home heating was found to take a portion of 60% of the amount most homeowners spend on energy bills, but this can be reduced by almost a half by having a more efficient boiler installed or reinstalled by the right professionals. At Eco Efficient Aberdeen, our goal is to help you achieve this at a friendly cost.

Installing a modern boiler and having it regularly serviced by our boiler engineers will ensure that your boiler burns fuel more efficiently, thus lowering you energy costs. Our engineers are experts in all kinds of boiler installations and will not only help you to perfectly fit your boiler, but they are also involved to help you purchase the right model within your budget.

Every newly built home needs a boiler installation to heat the rooms and provide hot water for the occupants. Also if your boiler is old or faulty beyond any durable repair, it is high time to replace it with a new more efficient model to avoid recurrent repair costs and high energy bills. There are a number of factors that you need to consider when installing a new boiler either for the first time or replacement including:

  • Type Of Fuel – It is good to consider the available and affordable type of fuel that your boiler uses. Gas boilers tend to be the cheapest and more efficient, but are only recommended if you live near main gas. If you have no gas supply, you may consider electric or low carbon heating like biomass or heat pump depending on what would work best for you.
  • Type Of Boiler – The two common types of boilers in most Aberdeen homes are the regular gas/oil boiler and the combi boiler. The regular boiler comes with a separate hot water storage cylinder and is more efficient in heating water though a lot of heat is lost from the hot water storage. Combi boilers provides hot water directly and has no hot water cylinder for storage, which means minimum amount of heat is lost making it the most preferred.
  • Heating Needs – If you have a large family, more hot water will be used than for smaller families. Also the number of rooms to be heated will be higher than a home with just a few occupants. Regular boilers are more efficient with larger families while combi boiler will be better for smaller families. You need to also consider the number of rooms and number of radiators. Our boiler advisers will help you when choosing the right-sized boiler for your home.

Our Engineers are in the Gas Safe register and they are licensed to install any type of a boiler for your heating requirement at home or in your business in Portlethen, Stonehaven, Westhill, Ellon and Newburg among other locations within Aberdeen.

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