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Central heating system is a very important part of your home that is responsible for keeping your home warm, when the temperatures drop to unbearable levels. However, wrong choices of the central heating appliances, installation and repair technicians can be a source of trouble. Wrong central heating installation can lead to high fuel costs and subject your family to gas and boiler leaks associated risks. There are many challenges related to boiler and central heating systems and our Eco Efficient Stonehaven boiler and heating system experts have the required technical knowledge and experience to fix them hassle free. We operate from different locations in Stonehaven, strategically positioned to enable under-one-hour response to any site in the region.

You can count on us in central heating emergency situations and we will be with you within no time and provide the much needed help in a few hours. We have the capacity and the necessary equipments to carry out various central heating repairs and other efficiency and performance improvement services. We not only help you in proper boiler installation and repair; we also help you cut down your annual energy bills through our Eco-friendly and energy efficient solutions. We are the gas company for all, serving big business premises to small residential homes and we have reasonably priced packages that fit your budget.

We are a community of Gas Safe registered professionals with multi-skills and industry experience, which enable us to deliver well-thought and quick solution regardless of your particular needs. Our engineers work as a team to deliver the most suitable solutions within the minimum time possible. We also offer professional tips to our Stonehaven clients and advice that assist them in making quick and economically reasonable decisions.

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How to Reduce Your Annual Energy Expenses

Heating energy takes as high as 60% of your annual energy bills, higher than any other appliances used in your home. Most people especially the low income earners find themselves struggling with these high costs yet they need the comfort of a safe and warm home. Fortunately, Eco Efficient Stonehaven is here to give you ways in which you can cut down your heating fuel cost and still enjoy adequate warmth and safety.

  • Boiler Replacement – Though replacing your existing boiler may seem more expensive, smart boiler selection can turn out to be more economical in over a long period of time. If you are using an old or faulty boiler, it could be the main reason behind the high energy cost and replacing it with a modern more efficient brand and model can reduce your expenses on heating by a half.
  • Smart-Energy Saving Installations – Today you can fit your radiators with smart controls to ensure efficient use of energy. Such works by supplying heat on when needed and switching of when your home is not in use.
  • Boiler Servicing – Consistent boiler servicing is a very affordable way of improving your boiler efficiency. Boiler repairs done during servicing are minor and cost effective. Ensure that your boiler is serviced on an annual basis and repair if need be to maintain high energy efficiency.
  • Proper Installation – Accurate boiler installation prevents any defects that could lead to energy inefficiency, which is the main cause of high energy bills.

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