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Eco Efficient Westhill

There is nothing more worthy than a warm home in a cold winter. Unfortunately, majority of Westhill residents experience central heating system related problems on the onset of winter and end up worried of their safety amidst the chilly weather. There is a fully guaranteed diagnosis to this which is Eco Efficient Westhill heating experts. We deal with central heating installation, servicing and re-installation where applicable.

We, as plumbing and heating experts, offer guidelines to clients whenever need arises. Many people often do not take into considerations the fact that the main component of a central heating system is the boiler. Whenever a boiler is defective, then ultimately this affects the heating system as well as hot water supply in their homes.

Proper boiler installation is very vital for a fully functional heating system. Eco Efficient Westhill engineers are trained effectively on the basis on which they should follow when choosing a boiler suitable for your establishment. As much as the size of house matters, the type of fuel also matters in determining the right boiler suitable for your household heating and hot water.

In a situation where the wrong boiler and house combination is applied, problems ensue. Eco Efficient Westhill is here to ensure that any complication is locked out. Mechanisms of choosing the right boiler for your property are devised and a methodology consisting of several phases is laid down. Ideally if the boiler had been installed but is faulty, then we provide a range of boiler servicing solutions. Our engineers know the problem even before you open your doors to them thus making us one of the best if not the best experts in the industry.

Damaged boilers result to faulty central heating systems which might be a call for concern during the cold seasons. Eco Efficient Westhill boiler repairs are tried and tested to give desirable results. This is proven to take less than 24 hour from the time of notification.

Code of Conduct

Eco Efficient Westhill employees follow a strict code of conduct ensuring that we live up to our name.

  •  Clients Always Come First – Whenever we are dealing with clients, we consider their views and suggestions first before brainstorming our solutions and making any helpful recommendations.
  • Survey Before Working – Our engineers conduct surveys of the households where their expertise is required. In case there are instances of gas and boiler leaks, the engineers note down and work out what may be causing the leaks. Gas and boiler leaks are indicators of impending dangers and should be treated as emergencies.
  • Timely Work – Once the survey is complete, our technicians commence their work and work towards completion of the task in the shortest time possible. New central heating installations takes longer than central heating repairs which only take nothing to the excess of 24 hours.

We offer what you order, if value for your money is what you ask for, then that’s exactly what you shall get. Eco Efficient Westhill is the best choice in heating related issues. We are in Westhill and its environs. Contact us today.

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