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Boiler Repairs

Though regular boiler maintenance reduces the chance of boiler breakdowns to almost zero, some boiler faults are inevitable. That is why you need boiler engineers in your speed dial to ensure that your boiler is fixed as soon as a fault is detected. If you are in Aberdeen or one of the following suburbs; Newburg, Ellon, Stonehaven, Portlethen or Westhill, you can count on our boiler repairs Aberdeen engineers for any kind of boiler repairs. However complex the problem may appear, Eco Efficient Aberdeen boiler repairs specialists will diagnose the problem and solve it directly from its cause. We are available on call or live online chat 24-7 throughout the year inclusive of weekends and public holidays.

We offer a variety of boiler fixes ranging from minor repairs during servicing at no extra cost, gas leaks, parts replacement, pump repairs and energy efficiency defects, and our charges are reasonably very low. If you notice or suspect a problem with your boiler, do not ignore or wait for the next scheduled annual servicing. Call us immediately and we will dispatch a team of experts to find out what could be wrong and rectify it in just a few minutes.

Common Causes of Boiler Faults

  • Incorrect Installations – If boiler installers make a technical mistake during installation, it could lead to future breakdown. It is thus important to rely on our Eco Efficient Aberdeen installers for 100% proper installation and post installation testing to identify any errors.
  • Wear and Tear – Normal boiler usage causes some parts of the boiler to wear out making them prone to defects. Our techs will ensure a thorough check on every part and replace worn out parts with our 2 years warranty accessories.
  • Over/Under Size Boiler –When selecting a boiler to serve your home or business, it is advisable to choose an ideal size that will adequately and efficiently heat your property without frequent breakdowns. A boiler that is smaller for your large home will breakdown easily due to overworking, while a boiler larger than the ideal size will keep going on and off which may lead to break down.
  • Corrosion – Corrosion on any part of your boiler could lead to gas or boiler leaks and need to be reported as soon as possible, as this could be a risk to your life and your property.

Our repair experts work as a team and make use of modern tools and technology to easily and quickly troubleshoot problems and provide instant solution that fixes the issue for good. We respond immediately to emergency call out even over the weekend or late in the evening at no extra charges. We are well known in the region for:

  • Fully certified Gas Safe engineers.
  • Round-the-clock repair services.
  • 100% money back guarantee in case of a failure.
  • Under an hour response time.
  • Quick and reliable fixes.
  • Competitive rates with no hidden charges.
  • Reliable remote support.
  • Outstanding customer service.
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