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Gas and Boiler Leaks

The damages of gas and boiler leaks can be such a tragedy, especially if not reported and countered in a timely manner. For the last three years, there has been over 20 deaths and many injuries related to gas leaks incidents in Aberdeen alone. Some of these deaths and injuries could have been avoided if the leaks were identified early and repaired immediately. Eco Efficient Aberdeen gas and boiler leak provides quick and efficient services to help the Aberdeen community to deal with gas and boiler leaks more effectively.

Enjoy a worry-free life by ensuring that your gas appliances are safe for you. We have the right knowledge and experience in identifying and solving gas leaks and our fixes are of high quality and durable. Even for extremely minor leaks, our experienced engineers are able to locate them and fix the underlying problem easily. With our engineers, you can rest assured of safety at home or any other property. We conduct a clean leaks diagnosis without demolitions or damages to your central heating system.

Gas and Boiler Leaks Safety Checks

It is the responsibility of every property owner, landlord or agent to ensure that their property is compliant with local building and construction safety regulations and provide a proof of safety whenever needed. Eco Efficient Aberdeen has been dedicated to help every property owner comply with such regulations at a very low cost. We have been serving the Aberdeen region for over 15 years and we extend our services to Newburg, Ellon, Portlethen, Westhill and Stonehaven. Our qualified gas leaks experts will check any signs of gas leaks including emission of carbon dioxide, a harmful gas that can cause serious health problems. Over the years we have perfected our art of quality service delivery and we have invested heavily to enhance our effectiveness in all our services. We take pride in our:

Excellent Team – Our staffs are very friendly and are always customer-centred to ensure our customers are fully satisfied with our quality. We have a squad of 100+ engineers, fully qualified and certified to deliver professional services all around the region. We only dispatch engineers who are in the Gas Safe registered and with relevant experience for your particular needs. Any time you suspect or notice a boiler leak, call us and we always have a team ready to assist you.

Safety Services – Through our gas safe technicians, we offer reliable gas leaks and other safety inspection and issue the relevant documentations to prove your property is safe including gas safety certificate for landlords. After installation or repairs, our engineers go an extra mile to confirm safety for free.

Up-To-Date Technology And Equipment – Gas and boiler leaks can be hard to identify at times but our engineers use modern auto-gas detectors and analysers to quickly locate the leaks from a distance. We also have the right equipments to help us fix boiler leaks as fast as possible to restore safety in your home.

You can reach us via phone and let us know what the issue is and our emergency team will be with you in just a moment.

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